School Board of Directors

Our school is led by a small and growing board deeply committed to our vision and with significant experience in the education field. The Board’s primary responsibilities are to create, adopt and monitor a long-term strategic plan and associated budget, and to employ and evaluate the leadership of our school.  Board agendas, minutes, and important documents can be found here*


Marina Vaserman
Board Chair

Marina Vaserman grew up in the San Fernando Valley and fell in love with nonprofits when she was a teenager. Inspired by working with different learners, Marina quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work. This resolve stuck with her through her undergrad and graduate research work at NYU. Marina worked as a Learning Specialist and Educational Consultant while receiving training in ABA, DTT, DIR /Floortime, PRT, RDI, and newly RPM. She has a strong research background from NYU’s cognitive neuroscience lab. Her experiences led to her involvement with over 15 nonprofits throughout California and New York. In 2014 Marina launched a research lab school in Silicon Valley to revolutionize special education. She is proud to play an instrumental role in the inclusion and accessibility movement.

Marina enjoys spending her days keeping California an amazing place to live, one nonprofit at a time. Marina is also the Head of Open Mind School.

Learn more about OMS from their website


Susan McCormick

Susan holds a doctorate in Theoretical Linguistics from Cornell University and has worked in the field of Applied Linguistics, including learning/educational domains for 30+ years.

She develops verbal/learning strategies for students who need to improve their academic habits and performance in all domains. She works closely with students with learning challenges, including, but not limited to, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. For each student, she designs a specialized curriculum aimed primarily at honing reasoning and problem-solving processes. Her approach is based on mastery of verbal skill, on both the processing and production end, and encompasses work on quantitative as well as verbal reasoning. She is happy to work collaboratively with teachers and administrators according to her students’ needs.

She identifies and implements approaches that will allow her students to successfully navigate their academics and develop permanent, successful problem-solving and academic strategies. Her methodology focuses on developing skills with verbal input and output, primarily Reading and Writing. Since quantitative achievement also depends on verbal ability, her work in math is critical as well.

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Erin Drone

Erin grew up in Alexandria, VA and moved to San Francisco after earning a B.B.A in Finance from James Madison University. She has 7 years accounting experience in various industries, and currently works as an independent consultant, helping businesses with their finance and accounting needs.

Erin likes to spend her time traveling, yoga, weightlifting, baking.

She fully support KFS School's mission, and wants to be on the board so that she can contribute and help KFS School reach its goals.

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Mari Rutkin
Legal / Policies

Mari is the Director of Systems & Operations in SFUSD’s Early Education Department, one of the largest providers of early education and out of school services for children in the City of San Francisco. Prior to joining SFUSD in 2011, Mari worked for Jumpstart on the East Coast as well as YMCAs on both the East and West Coasts where she developed her passion and commitment to helping preschool and school age children develop the skills needed for school readiness and success.

Mari holds BA in Sociology and Religious Studies from the UC Santa Barbara and a Masters in Child Development from Tufts University.