Our Vision

Only children believe they are capable of everything.


KFS SCHOOL is a Nonprofit Organization serving children in San Francisco and the Bay Area Community. Founded by Kahlon Family Services LLC in January of 2016, our school’s mission every day is working as hard as we can to bring Quality Education to all Children who are bright and have been called Twice Exceptional (2E). Most of KFS students have had a hard time to motivate in a traditional setting and have had success at KFS School.

Our Nonprofit Organization's goal is to be able to bring all the Specialized services and tools (Visual - Auditory - Reading/Writing - Kinesthetic) needed to meet children's needs as we  maintain the quality of education to serve our children, and be able to accept more applications for children in need in our community. 

Our educational inspiration stems from believing in the potential and strength of each child. We actively guide every aspect of each child’s individuality, character and well-being on a personal level and in a group setting. We provide each child with a comprehensive environment to nurture his/her learning style through their own curiosity, passion for learning, and social interaction. We strive to create opportunities for learning, exploration, creativity and self-expression.

Our approach is to provide a smaller classroom setting, with one-on-one attention, allowing our environment to be warm and welcoming. We encourage children’s ability to make choices, problem solve, master skills and develop relationships.


Vanessa Kahlon
Executive Director, Founder


Our Vision

Our students are active and healthy members at school, home, and in the community.



Our Mission

KFS tailors a K-8 program meeting individual child’s needs through a program of strong academics integrating mindbody, and emotion in San Francisco.

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