Summer Camp

The KFS School Summer Camp is just around the corner!

Dates: June 17 - August 6th
Monday to Friday, 8:45 am - 2:45 pm


STEAM Summer Camp

Ages 6 & Up

Jumpstart to Kindergarten

Ages 5 & Up


Enrollment for both programs begins March 2nd

For schedule and more information, please contact Vanessa at:

Aftercare is offered upon request.
We know that summer for the kids doesn’t always mean summer for the parents so we are offering extended care until 5pm. 

SUMMER ACTIVITIES THEMES will be as follows:

Self Regulation & Communication Skills (June 17th - 28th)

Super Natural Abilities- Social Skills (July 1st - 12th)

San Francisco Exploration- Life Skills (July 15th - August 17th)

Weekly fieldtrips


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

We will be building on the social-emotional curriculum at the core of KFS SCHOOL, our teachers challenge our students academically to prepare them for the 21st century, and provide them with a framework to become passionate learners.


Music incorporates self-expression, self-regulation, mathematics, motor-planning and executive function. At KFS SCHOOL, music time is a fun, interactive and social time for our students. Students will learn how to read and write vocal music notation, instrumental music notation, numerical elements, artistic skills, the cultural and historical relevance of different styles of music and how to communicate and independently express emotions and ideas with music. Students will produce tangible work through musical compositions, in-house made instruments, pictures, lyrics, 3D displays and models, motion pictures, photography, in order to represent and showcase creative expression and interpretations of all skills acquired.


SEL takes place within the context of safe, participatory school, family, and community environments that support children’s development and provide opportunities and recognition for successfully applying these competencies.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) involves processes through which children develop fundamental emotional and social competencies to:

  • Understand and Manage Emotions

  • Set and achieve Positive Goals

  • Feel and show Empathy for others

  • Establish and maintain Positive Relationships

  • Make Responsible Decisions


Yoga has a calming effect on the central nervous system and helps develop self-regulation and body awareness. Yoga also fosters coordination and balance and improves motor skills.

Breath Control is helpful for calming the central nervous system. By using correct breathing techniques, a sensory-seeking child can be calmed. Deep breathing also helps with self-regulation and improving self-awareness, both key components to helping sensory avoiders be at peace in their bodies.