Having Fun


-KFS School is a special place! They took our son and worked with him, when we felt like we had no where else to turn. They highlighted his strengths academically and set behavioral expectations for him, making sure he had a routine every day. The teachers are passionate about helping kids with challenges and go above and beyond to meet the kids needs.

- Katie & Kyle Smith, Parents (Head Coach of Washington State)

-KFS is simply amazing. Vanessa is the child whisperer! She gets it and the whole KFS team is compassionate, thoughtful and top notch.

Jay Shaffer, Parent

-KFS has been a life changer for our son. He struggled with anxiety at two highly respected private schools in SF. But he’s thrived at KFS with their amazing teachers and best in class social/emotional curriculum.

Jeff Pashalides, Parent

-A nurturing environment for kids who learn differently. The STEAM camp integrates social emotional learning with fun hands on activities and outings.

Tejal Desai, Parent

-Amazing school! Can be a great help for kids who require special attention and feedback.

Sara Frankel, Parent

-A place for those kiddos that just aren't blending in like society tells them to. It is a place where they can both be themselves and learn skills to be successful.

Tarra Fuchsknotts, Parent

-This school focuses on each child’s individual socio-emotional needs in a caring, supportive, environment. It’s more like a loving family, making it easier for kids to feel safe and actually learn.

Larissa Roesch, Parent

-To any parent of an exceptional, bright, unique, social-emotionally challenged child: I urge you to consider KFS.

My son has been at KFS for a year and I am stunned at the progress he has made, under the guidance of Vanessa, the school’s founder, and the fantastic staff. For the first time, my son actually wants to go to school!

At KFS, whether school or camp, the kids aren’t students, they’re friends. The kids get to use kinetic desks, their own space, a multitude of keyboards, plenty of time and space outdoors, and even yoga. 

The student-to-teacher ratio – 1:1 attention for each child – has made all the difference. I have seen the teachers make magic out of conflict, and I am truly impressed by how deftly they negotiate moments of stress; how closely connected each child is with each teacher; and how close the kids have grown as a group.

Eliza Laffin, Parent