Summer Camp

The KFS School Summer Camp is just around the corner!


The KFS School Summer Camp is just around the corner! We offer both Lower and Upper Elementary camps. This camp will be individualized to meet your children exactly where they’re ‘at’ in life. Both groups will be packed with activity, adventure and the unique personal growth that comes from learning to be part of a group.

Through a range of activities, such as; cooking, crafts, grocery shopping, hiking, animal care and imaginative play, we work on developing life skills. Learning how to take turns, stop something when they’re asked, take care of others, advocate for themselves and learning tools for self regulation are all part of what we set out to achieve.

The camp will focus on the experiences our children need to navigate life at their level. We focus on school recess skills, as well as developing ways to be an active participant in the classroom. For some children, we pay attention to the physical activity component of recess games, whereas for others, we focus on keeping recess games fun and fair. KFS Summer Camp is fully devoted to customizing each camp to the needs of the children who attend.

A typical day of KFS Summer Camp includes;

  • 9am Arrival and social time

  • 9:10am Yoga

  • 9:30am Morning Meeting

  • 10am Physical Activity/Recess Skills

  • 11:30am Prepare for lunch

  • 12 noon Eat lunch together

  • 12:30pm Rest Time/Read Aloud

  • 1pm Activity

  • 2:30pm Yoga/Breathing

  • 2:45pm Closing Circle

This schedule is just an outline, every day is slightly different. One day per week, we run a cooking class – giving the kids a chance to see a recipe through from idea to completion. We also typically have a beach day, where we learn the skills of taking public transit and the time management to fit our activities in within our schedule. Oh – did we forget to mention sandcastles? Beach day is a great time to throw off all this serious business and have some fun!


We know that summer for the kids doesn’t always mean summer for the parents so we are offering extended care until 5pm.